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Snowpine Kennels & Cattery
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About Us - Kennels & Cattery

Snowpine KennelsOur dog kennels are safe and secure with no wire mesh fencing that a dog can injure itself on and the bedroom area is totally protected from the elements.   Dogs are exercised on a daily basis in a large ‘free run’ grassed exercise areas, where we throw balls , dummies and frisbies for them.   There is also a safe paddling pool for dogs who like to cool themselves off after a strenuous exercise session.

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Snowpine Kennels & Cattery inspection

We strongly recommend that you visit and inspect our kennels and cattery  prior to booking your pets in,  so that you satisfy yourself that you have chosen the right ‘home away from home’ for them and to discuss your pets’ specific  needs and requirements.   This may be done at any time that we are open, no appointment to visit our kennels and cattery is required.

Snowpine Kennels & Cattery Exercise PenThe kennels and cattery area is also dimly lit at night so that your pets are not left in the dark at night time.   We find this particularly comforting for pets visiting us for the first time.

Snowpine Kennels & Cattery Entry Requirements

  • all dogs and cats must produce proof of up to date, valid annual vaccinations in order to enter our kennels (no exceptions are made).
  • Puppies and kittens are welcome but they must have had at least two vaccinations prior to entering the kennels.   Please note that their second vaccination must have been done at least 10 days prior to visiting us.
  • All dogs and cats will be treated for ticks and fleas with a topspot treatment on arrival at our kennels.  In this way we ensure that you don’t bring us any ‘nasties’ and we don’t send your pets home with any!!   (no horrible dipping in a bath of cold, smelly pet dip).

Snowpin Kennels & Cattery Rates

Snowpine CatteryOur cattery is spacious and airy, totally protected from the elements and cats have an upstairs, downstairs and outside living area .    Our cats also have a large grassed exercise area with scratching posts and plenty of toys to amuse themselves with.

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Snowpine Kennels & Cattery Johannesburg

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